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What People Are Saying:
I'm so involved in learning I am a true NEWBIE, and just so excited to find this workshop. I don't post often and not good on the computer, but I just want to thank you all, especially Shelby Dillon, for her time and explanations. 
- Nancy, CA
So excited to start on this journey. I don't have a lot of artistic experience. I am an avid cook and have done quite a bit of needlework/sewing and gardening. This is a perfect time for me to unravel the mystery of art and discover my own style. Thanks for hosting a venue of positivity and continuous learning. 
- Jennifer, MO
I gotta say- I went back to the basics stuff that I skipped when I first joined. I was originally like, "yeah yeah I understand color wheels and value..." but WOW. The mixing colors from a paint chip video and the color value videos are excellent. They have me seeing things in a new way. Great tutorials. I think these will help me get better. Thank you Shelby! 
- Lauren, MD
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