Think you have to be an "artist" to paint gorgeous, colorful paintings?

Spoiler alert: it's a learned skill!

  • Explore: an immersive live experience 
  • Discover: styles and techniques to help you grow
  • Engage: An amazing, supportive community

Only $27

An art workshop that fits your schedule

Join Shelby as she coaches you in creating an acrylic painting  from start to finish using color mixing and expressive brush strokes.

3 evenings of amazing art creation and community

Oct 19, 20 and 21st
8-9 pm EST LIVE online
Worried about your schedule? 
1 year of replay access is included EXCLUSIVELY for attendees

This is our last public workshop in 2021


Don't miss this opportunity!


We'll give you the tools to create beautiful art

We're here to make sure you have fun!

3 Live Step-by-Step Tutorials

Shelby gently guides you through the painting, making it easy for anyone to follow!

Supply List and Reference Photo

Supply list & color recipes list PLUS reference photos and template.

24/7 Access

You will have access to our education portal to re-watch all of the lessons at your own pace, so you are never behind!

Daily Affirmations

Each day, Shelby will help you get past your creative fears and learn how to enjoy the process of discovery with a daily affirmation.


A Facebook group to watch Shelby teach LIVE and a supportive community to share your work and make friends!

A Beautiful Painting!

You will finish the mini-workshop with a beautiful painting for yourself!

Three extra color schemes + recipes are included!


Hi, my name is Shelby Dillon. I am a full-time artist that exhibits at art festivals throughout the southeastern US as well as being featured on HGTV, Southern Lady Magazine, The Scout Guide, and more. One of my greatest joys is watching people discover their inner creative maven and THRIVE. I have grown my own creative practice from a hobby, to a side-hustle, to a profitable full-time business that also allows immense time for play and exploration. You deserve to embrace JOY and bring it into your everyday life

Who is this mini workshop for?

  • Those willing to experience a journey of self, connecting with the canvas and letting their authentic voice be seen and felt.
  • Those who want to learn several acrylic painting techniques.
  • Creatives who want to explore what it means to create freely, embracing imperfection.
  • ​BEGINNERS will find this a perfect place to start and EXPERIENCED artists are sure to pick up new techniques and expand their skills.
In this workshop we will bring forth our authentic voice; utilize it to create our painting with bright, bold, colors, and use brushwork to add extra dimension to the painting. We will embrace imperfection and create freely and loosely. 

You will be provided with color recipes and a supply list ahead of time so that you will can get comfortable before we start the workshop together.
  • ​​WHEN IS THIS COURSE? The workshop is October 19, 20 and 21st from 8-9pm EST on our private website. (You'll get the link when you join!)
  • ​WHAT IF I CAN'T MAKE THE LIVE? The live broadcasts will be uploaded to our learning platform for you to complete on your own schedule.
  • ​WHAT IS INCLUDED FOR $27? This color mini-workshop is a  LIVE workshop. It has 3 nights of virtual instruction that teach you how to complete the sailboat painting pictured.
  • ​​​IS THIS COURSE A ONE-TIME PAYMENT OR A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION? Our Smooth Sailing Mini-Workshop is a one-time payment course and you will never be charged monthly for this course.
  • WHO IS THIS FOR? Those willing to experience a journey of self, connecting with the canvas and letting their authentic voice be seen and felt. Beginners will find this a perfect place to start and experienced artists are sure to pick up new techniques and expand their skills.
  • ​​CAN I SELL MY COMPLETED PAINTING? One of my intentions in this course is to help you develop your powerful and personal connection with painting. Your own style will show when you work from your own photos, colors and compositions. I’m happy for you to show and sell your own original, innovative work. However, if your work is more similar to the original paintings in my copyrighted lesson videos, I would ask that you don’t put those pieces out to exhibit or sell, if they are close copies of my work. I trust that your heart will tell you what is too close.​
  • ​​HOW DO I GET UNLIMITED ACCESS? Members of our VIP creative experience, The Creative Circle, receive unlimited access to this workshop in their private classroom. We'd love for you to join us!
  • DOES THE COURSE EXPIRE? You will have access to this course for 1 year after purchasing it so that you can continue at your own leisure!
  • ​WHAT SUPPLIES WILL I NEED? We send you a complete supply list when you sign up. The supplies are artist-grade paints and brushes that will last you long past this workshop and typically run about $100. They can be found anywhere that sells art supplies. 


Your joy is important to us.

Come Sail into your next Art Adventure!

Have another question? Email and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Here's what people are saying about Shelby's Workshops:

"Beauty, Fun, and Opportunity" - Deborah 

So thankful for this fun class!! And so thankful for the replays to continue to practice...... I can so easily look at this and see its imperfections, but I am choosing to see the beauty, the fun, the opportunity I had to do this class! This painting class has truly given me the chance to be fully present. As a yoga teacher that is something I try to practice and teach. As I was taking the live class each night, Shelby Dillon was so wonderful in her teaching and reminding us to be ourselves, no perfect way to paint! Before I knew it the class was over, fully immersed in just being.... Thanks! 

"Wonderful Workshop" - Elizabeth

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop. I am an elementary art teacher, and I paint at home with acrylics occasionally. The workshop was so helpful to motivate me to continue trying to do my own work. I learned some valuable tips about working with acrylic, that will help my artwork, as well as help me guide the little ones that I work with every day! 

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